Corporate Responsibility Revolution: Strategy to Success

Date: Next seminar date TBD
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: The Hub Cira Centre: 2929 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Not Sustainability 101!

Tad Radzinski, recognized industry expert, has developed this seminar as an interactive workshop for participants to work directly on accelerating their specific sustainability programs. Bring your existing Corporate Responsibility strategy including questions, challenges, and current achievements, and gain powerful insight and skills to develop and prioritize concrete steps to further advance your organization.

Utilizing years of applied experience, Tad employs a full circle approach that can be tailored to your business or organization. The interactive environment allows for collaborative problem solving that helps you reach your specific objectives and benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.

You should attend this seminar to:

This valuable program focuses on six steps to optimize and refine your program to take you from Strategy to Success. Click the topic titles below for pre-seminar video content:

    Registration and Continental Breakfast

  1. Recognizing Risks, Identifying Opportunities – Succeeding in the Green Marketplace
  2. Benchmarking and Measurement – Evaluating Where You Are, Determining Where You’re Going
  3. Action-Oriented Workshop

  4. Materiality – Prioritizing Sustainability in Your Strategic Business Plan
  5. Formulating the Framework – Designing Your Corporate Responsibility Program
  6. Action-Oriented Workshop

    Networking Lunch

  7. From Strategy to Success – Ensuring Effective Implementation
  8. Action-Oriented Workshop

  9. Vision to Value – The Profit in Corporate Responsibility
  10. Action-Oriented Workshop

In addition to vital, industry-leading insight, this seminar provides:

Upon registration, you will receive a questionnaire to assist in refining the seminar to meet specific participant objectives. This comprehensive seminar is designed to deliver the most relevant, immediately applicable material and provide demonstrated value to all attendees.

Seminar registration filled. Contact Katelyn Gross for information on future events.

"[Tad's program is] fantastic; real-world and relevant information that was presented in a straightforward, easy to follow manner. Tad's a compelling speaker, as he's informative AND entertaining; he de-mystifies the path to sustainability from a business perspective, and shows how incorporating this ethic directly benefits the bottom line. I'll be a regular viewer of his content from now on."

Michael S. Di Tizio, Compliance and Standards Specialist,
Canon Solutions America